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All Courses are on Hold till Further Notice.

Tony Grove Woodworking SchoolTony Grove Woodworking School

The Grove Woodworking School is tucked amongst the trees on beautiful Gabriola Island, B.C.

Courses will mainly focus on woodworking skills and techniques for the marine environment, with all skills being transferable to general woodworking. A few non-marine programs will be offered as well. Course material is designed principally for novices; those for advanced learners will be noted. Most of the material will be taught by Tony Grove, with a guest woodworker or specialist in a particular field brought in occasionally.

Courses for The Grove Woodworking School are finally set! Tony Grove and guest instructors will be teaching 12 weeks of marine-related woodworking courses from May-Aug on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia.


Looking forward to working together,
Tony Grove

“When a person reaches that time in their life when they possess a rich storehouse of experience and skills in a particular sphere, I believe they are almost duty-bound to pass on that knowledge for the benefit of future generations.” -TG


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