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Commissioning a piece of furniture is a sound investment and a reflection of your individuality. The right piece of furniture for your home can be realized when you collaborate directly with a good craftsman.  A chair for instance, made by a professional and creative individual rather than an assembly line reflects both the craftsman and the customer’s needs while producing for a particular environment.  Fine furniture, like art, should be cherished.  It will be the antique of our future.

Custom furniture is not necessarily more expensive than production furniture.  The value exists in the enduring quality of a handcrafted product.  While mass-produced furniture aims to make the cheapest product for the highest markup, hand crafted furniture provides a more personal approach and uncompromising techniques.

A wide variety of materials, styles and techniques are available; combinations of wood, glass, metal, inlay, carving, and veneer are among many of the options.  Wood finishes range from traditional French polishes and oils to modern varnishes and lacquers.  The choices are varied and a qualified craftsman can help with these decisions.  Once the decision has been made it is important that research be done.  Collect pictures, make sketches, and talk to a craftsman.  Or, if you have found craftsmen you like, they should be able to do this work for you.  To get an idea of their work, ask for samples, photos, and visit their workshop.  Whatever you decide, the final product will be yours.


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